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Basic Considerations

Today's strict health and safety standards demand cleaner and safer air for both the working environment and industrial processes. When choosing the type of air required there are core factors that must be considered

  • Particle size -- The size of the contaminant to be removed from the air

  • Particle properties --  e.g. solid, liquid or gas; corrosiveness, toxicity

  • Duty Level -- Quantity of contaminant in the air

  • Airflow -- The volume of air passing through the system

  • Pressure Drop -- Pressure differential in the clean and dirty air side

  • Temperature -- High temperature operating conditions need filters of suitable construction

  • Humidity -- Moisture can have adverse effects on the performance of the incorrect filter

  • Cost -- Spending a little more by opting for a higher performance filter in many case may be more cost effective e.g.  reductions in maintenance costs by way of fewer filter changes

These are a few example of the basic considerations when selecting an air filter for any application or equipment.

For technical assistance contact our Sales & Technical advisor, Mr. Alan Powner. For access to literature on guidance on air filtration or filter selection please click on one of the links below

'Filtration & Air Cleaning Systems' (pdf--985kb)
Available in printed version on request--please use the contact form
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Filter Selection Guide

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